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We are a small blog focused on showing you how possible iPhone and iPad repairs are. My name is Ryan and I was shocked to find out there was such limited support from Apple themselves when I broke my iPhone 4 screen way back and from then on I committed myself to learning to fix it myself. Now I’ve decided to pass this knowledge and relatively do-able skill set on to you the reader!

Expect tons of posts in the coming months on screen repair, diagnosing liquid damage, battery replacements and more!…

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Atlanta iPhone Repair Issues

Getting your iPhone fixed is never something you plan on, but when you need it done – you certainly want it done fast, and within a realistic price range. With this in mind, we’ve compiled some of the most common iPhone repairs you might find yourself with and what you should expect in terms of cost and turnaround time.

iPhone Battery Replacement

Anyone that has an older iPhone in the Atlanta area knows that the biggest problem is (assuming you haven’t broken your screen yet) the battery duration dying really fast. You used to be able to grab your iPhone in the morning and go, and within a year it seems that you need to grab the phone and multiple charging cords to even make it through the day. This is a two part issue – first, more apps and more use will just generally use more of your battery. Additionally, the type of battery used in all iPhone models is lithium-ion which generally has a limit to the amount of times it can be charged and re-charged before the duration and quality degrades. So definitely expect this problem, be prepared for it and know that in the Atlanta area, an iPhone battery replacement is about $40-60 and can be done the same day.

iPhone Screen Replacement

This is definitely the most demanded issue in Atlanta cell phone repair shops, and its for good reason. People use their iPhone’s so much that the classic cracked LCD on your iPhone 5 is bound to happen. The good news is that the whole front display is one unit and can be replaced with little more than 60 minutes of work by a qualified Atlanta iPhone repair technicians. You can go through Apple themselves for an official solution, but their service often disqualifies those that have older devices or aren’t covered by the Apple Care warranty. Getting a cracked screen fixed is usualyl $100-200 depending on the model of your phone and can be done within the same day throughout Atlanta…

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Virginia Beach iPhone Repair Services 2016

Fixing your iPhone used to be a hectic, confusing and overall complicated experience for Ottawa area customers, and this is not the best outcome for the average Apple user. Most people enjoy the iPhone due to the ease of use, and straight forward non-technical aspect of getting going. It’s confusing then that getting a cracked iPhone 5S or 6 screen fixed in a timely manner has become such a headache.  Fortunately, in the past few months due to the release of the iPhone 6 and the popularity of the iPhone 5S/5C a trusted and affordable third party screen repair option s become more widespread.


Fast iPhone Repair Services in Virginia

We all want the quickest fix possible, but what is the price point like for an on the spot repair for something like a cracked iPhone screen? The reality is that the price varies on the model of iPhone you have, as opposed to the degree of damage. Whether it’s a crack, blemish or you literally ran your phone over with a truck (you’d be surprised how some people manage to mess up their iPhone!) the entire front display has to be replaced. There currently is no cost-effective way to fix individual cracks and seeing how often new, differently engineered displays are coming out, this is currently the best way it can be done in 2016.

Other big problems people in Virginia Beach run into is stuff like a broken home button, crappy battery and even totally unresponsive phones that might leave you confused and frustrated. Small issues like this are actually also repairable and not too expensive in most cases. For example if your phone isn’t lasting the entire day before hitting red on your battery life indicator replacing it costs $40-60 and can be done the same day, usually within 30 minutes.


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Is Repairing Your Own iPhone Possible?

It seems like weekly people are breaking their iPhone’s or iPad’s and the need for an immediate solution has exploded in cities everywhere, even in the smallest towns. The dependence on smartphones in general is way bigger than you may realize – at least until you drop your phone and hear that loud crack. The local market for cell phone repair in Tallahassee especially has expanded severely with tons of PC repair shops expanding their offering to deal with the nuisance issues most Apple users run into – liquid damage, broken screens, unresponsive home buttons, etc. Due to the relatively free market surround these types of repairs prices are very reasonable – however we should note that quality is not consistent so make sure you do sufficient research.

Cost of Fixing A Broken iPhone Screen In Tallahassee, FL

I’m based out of Tallahassee at the moment, so this is based on the services currently being offered around me, but the price of getting it done by a local experienced technician isn’t as bad as you may think. The price for iPhone 4/4S screen replacement is extremely cheap, even when you pay extra for the ultra high quality screens and same day service. The same can be seen in price trends for the iPhone 5/5S/5C. The reason for this is an increase in the supply of high quality screens. U.S suppliers and those in Florida specifically aren’t going to use just any random supplier. Cheap screens simply don’t stand up to the wear and tear users usually put their phone through.

Can I Fix My Phone Myself?

If you have hands, an internet connection and a brain, you can likely replace a broken iPhone screen just as good as a Tallahassee cell phone repair shop. The process does require a steady hand and access to certain special types of tools, but this is nothing that can’t be found online for less than $10. The biggest cost is likely the LCD replacement screen itself and your time. It should be said that we would highly recommend checking out iPhoneRepairTallahasseeFL.com as they can get the job done super fast and you can just skip the whole ‘DIY’ process.

iphone repair tallahassee fl


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Options To Fix Your Cracked iPhone

With the growing popularity of the iPhone over the past 5-7 years, seeing a broken or cracked front screen in your friends hand is becoming all too common. The classic spider web cracked design leaves your touch functionality working but it can be a big inconvenience if you are used to relying heavily on your iPhone. Even small drops can break the glass on your iPhone so it’s important to have a solution you can count on that won’t break the bank and get you back up and running in a timely manner. For Apple users on the go and in the Charlotte area, there are two major options you have.

Click to view pricing and book repair at www.iphonerepaircharlottenc.net

Apple has recently started offering an extended warranty known as Apple Care which entitles you to two entirely new replacement devices should anything go wrong. This covers everything from small cosmetic cracks which don’t interfere with functionality to catastrophic water damage and your iPhone ultimately not working. You are given the option to buy the Apple Care warranty when you initially pick up your device, but if you don’t opt to get it there are other options available so you can get your iPhone 4 or 5 working again.


Third party cell phone repair shops in the Charlotte area have started repairing iPhone and iPad’s given the increased demand for a solution outside of the Apple warranty and simply unnecessarily upgrading to a more expensive device when a small, affordable repair is all that’s needed. For issues on older devices such as cracked screens, inactive batteries and unresponsive home / power buttons you can actually get it fixed for less than $100 in almost all cases. Replacement components of high quality have become available in North American markets over the past few  years and with the demand growing for affordable repair it is now a realistic option. IF you have an older iPhone 4S and the battery is the only issue – that can easily be solved with a quick $40 replacement. The same can be said for broken iPhone screens that are not supported by an Apple warranty – find an established PC or cell phone repair shop and you can get the job done the same day, usually within a matter of hours in some cases.…

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Brampton Laptop Repair Options

If you find yourself with laptop problems, it can be really daunting and inconvenient to get it repaired. How do you know what can or can’t be repaired? Are the components used the same quality, and will they last? There are so many different options out there for the average Brampton consumer it can be hard to separate the legit options from those you should avoid.

In terms of hardware replacement like charging ports, trackpads and keyboards lots of replacement parts are available online. A quick Google or eBay search will certainly yield lots of pricing options so you can get a general idea of how popular and available the specific component you need is. In terms of getting a replacement screen or keyboard installed, we would highly recommend taking your laptop to a professional PC repair shop. These businesses often have connections with suppliers that they can call on to get bulk pricing. Additionally you can get a pretty solid six month warranty on the screen installation and part itself which can keep the headache of a poor installation out of your mind. When looking at something like replacing a sticky keyboard, your part will likely be third party – meaning not exactly ‘official’ – this can be worth the premium.

As with most computers repair services reviews, recommendations and a lengthy solid warranty are good things to look for. Parts are widely available so almost anyone can order a few OEM replacement laptop screens over the internet and claim they can install them, so reviews and positive customer feedback on aggregators like Yelp and Google Places will differentiate good providers from weak ones.

Pricing & Installation of Laptop Components

Finally, since there are literally hundreds of laptop models be prepared to be disappointed if your specific hardware issue cannot be solved, or is financially unviable. Acer laptops for example are so inexpensive that it is often better to just backup your data and look for a completely new (and more up to date) model. Shopping around and looking online for forums and feedback can save you time and money.…

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Local iPhone Repair Options

IPhone repair services have becoming a more and more popular service for students and new entrepreneurs who are looking to get their foot in the door with an in-demand local service. For consumers who want to avoid the pain, headache and financial cost of being forced to upgrade their iPhone or other Android smartphone just to fix cosmetic damage or a lagging battery these are crucial time savers and only growing in demand as cell phone providers fail to supply an affordable alternative. Some of the common hardware issues that can be solved by an Ottawa iPhone repair service are covered below.

Battery Replacement

If you are still hanging onto your iPhone 4 or 4S you’ve likely noticed a serious depletion of battery life after even one day. If everything else is in working condition, you can easily get this internal battery replaced for around $50 and avoid being forced to upgrade to the newer models. While Apple doesn’t really make it easy for the average user to swap out their own battery, it definitely still is possible and the hardware itself isn’t really anything special. Order your own online and attempt it yourself, or call a professional experienced iPhone repair business – either way it’s a good investment to ensure the longevity of your device.

Charging Issues

Secondary to a weak battery, if you find yourself having issues charging your device and you are sick of hunting around for a new cable all the time, the problem might actually be your charging apparatus. This is a common issue across all devices, especially the iPhone 4/4S as it uses a pin-type connector and these pins can become bent and out of shape.

Front Display / Cracked Screen

Easily the most commonly destroyed component of not only the iPhone, but any technology device these days (Android devices and laptops included), most repair businesses do dozens of these a day, in Ottawa especially. Since demand is so high, even on newer models OEM components become available easily and prices are quite reasonable. Apple has manufactured their screen in a way so that if even your front glass is cracked, the entire front display will have to be replaced. Luckily this can be done for less than $100 in almost all cases – some even offer on-site repair services in the Ottawa area

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